Elin Maher   2004 University Teaching Scholar

Professor Elin Maher is an innovative and effective teacher with a strong record of educational leadership that has spanned her career. Her influence in creating a positive student-centred learning environment at the University of New Brunswick and her contributions to accounting education and to research into teaching excellence have had a significant impact on students, alumni, colleagues, and the accounting profession as a whole.

The cornerstone of Professor Maher's teaching philosophy is her respect for and deep sense of caring about all her students. This guiding principle permeates all her classroom interactions and is strongly reflected in student evaluations of her courses. Her teaching strategies include active and collaborative learning, technology-assisted learning, student-centred textbooks and assignments, and a strong focus on real business situations through the use of case studies, journal articles, and readings from the business press. She has co-authored several widely distributed textbooks and supplements for Intermediate Accounting courses.

Professor Maher contributes to the quality of the teaching environment of UNB through her active participation as a facilitator during new faculty workshops organized by UNB's Teaching and Learning Centre. She is her faculty's representative on the Student Standings and Promotion Committee where she works to ensure that student rights are upheld. She further contributes to excellence in teaching through publishing scholarly articles about teaching and learning, and making presentations at national and international conferences. She was selected by her colleagues to represent her faculty at a Master Teacher's Program for Business Administration faculties across North America, and presented the resulting knowledge on teaching effectiveness and efficiency to her colleagues at a teaching seminar. She has served on education-related committees for provincial, regional and national professional institutes for chartered accountants.

Professor Maher regularly receives outstanding results on the student opinion surveys of her courses. These courses include both introductory level courses, elective accounting courses and graduate level courses in financial reporting. she is particularly proud of the course she developed that introduces first-year students to the functional areas of business administration.

Professor Maher received her faculty's Excellence in Teaching Award in 1998 and has been nominated for this student-driven award in four of the eight years she has been eligible to receive it. She has also been nominated twice for UNB's Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching.

Given all aspects of her teaching performance, her status as a highly regarded instructor, her engagement in the scholarship of teaching and learning, and her positive outlook towards her students, Elin Maher is a deserving recipient of UNB's Teaching Scholar award.

Presented by Daniel Coleman
Dean of Administration
June 23, 2004