Duc Banh   2003 UNB Service Award Recipient

Mr. Duc Banh was nominated for a UNB Service Award on the basis of his outstanding service to the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management. Duc, a technician and Level I computer support staff person, has been employed with the University since 1981.

Duc arrived in Canada in 1979 from his native Vietnam. New in this country with his wife and young children, he set about to learn a new language and a new vocation.

The Faculty considers itself very fortunate indeed to have hired Duc in 1981. For the past 22 years he has shown exceptional service to the faculty. Descriptive words for Duc's work include: reliable, invaluable, helpful, fast, knowledgeable, dedicated, determined, approachable. Words describing his character include: honest, loyal, gentle, humble, spirited and willing to help others.

Duc provides an excellent example of the outstanding service offered by many UNB staff, and in Duc's case, I believe that service is exemplary. Duc has been a Technician at UNB since 1981, initially in our soils laboratories and later expanding into Level I computer support as well. Duc is legendary within our Faculty in terms of the level of computer support that he provides to faculty members, staff, graduate students, and student labs.

Customer service has always been a number one priority for Duc. Says one staff member:

It is said that he actually arrives at your desk to help with a computer problem before you hang up the phone!

In summary, the University of New Brunswick takes great pride in presenting Mr. Duc Banh with a UNB Service Award today for outstanding service to the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management and the University.

Presented by David MacLean Dean, Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management
February 7, 2003