Doulgas Beairsto   2008 President's Medal Recipient

Doug Beairsto has provided valued customer service to all UNB computing clients for close to 30 years.

Doug began his IT career here at UNB in October of 1973 when he took an electronic technician position with Audio Visual Services. In January of 1975, Doug accepted a position with CBC Fredericton and also began working to complete his BSC CS degree at UNB which he finished in May of 1980. 

In September of 1980 Doug continued his IT career here at UNB by starting as a programmer/analyst in the Systems Support Group at the Computing Centre. Working with the mainframe communications system was Doug’s main challenge.

Doug became interested in the personal computer world when it appeared in the early 1980’s. Doug was leading a procurement group responsible for obtaining computer equipment for UNB. This group not only worked with computing hardware vendors to provide pricing and quotes for UNB Faculty and staff but created UNB’s first tender document and processes for the procurement of computing equipment as legislated by the Provincial Government.  For researchers and other faculty members and staff,  Doug was always in great demand,   providing computer equipment quotes at the best UNB prices possible. For Non-Space submissions as well as CFI proposals and then to purchase equipment when funds were obtained, Doug worked tirelessly to obtain the best possible prices for UNB from the tender approved computer suppliers.

In November of 2002, Doug became Manager of Personal Computing Services and added the Computer Repair shop function to his responsibilities. 

Doug moved away from his procurement duties in May of 2006 when he became a Senior Technology Strategist within ITS.  This new challenge saw Doug undertake work to define and document UNB’s current Technical Architecture. He is now defining and documenting a proposed target Technical Architecture for UNB’s information, communications and technical (ICT) infrastructure. In conjunction with the various units in ITS, Doug determines the impact of emerging needs, trends and technologies on the University’s current ICT infrastructure. As part of the ITS team, Doug also researches and evaluates current and emerging trends in information and communications technology and their applicability to UNB’s specific business requirements or needs. 

As impressive as Doug’s contribution in the computer area is, it is only a portion of his overall commitment to UNB. His abilities in the audio, video and projection area have served the University and local community extremely well. Doug has served as the Technical Manager of the UNB Aitken Centre since it opened in May of 1976. He maintains the Centre’s Sound reinforcement systems, the electronic score clock and lighting equipment, and trains the staff, in the operation of this equipment. Assisting in the setup of the various sports events, shows, concerts, conferences and conventions that take place in the Centre and locating part-time staff for sound and lighting requirements for these events all keep Doug very busy. Doug worked with ADI Ltd. during construction of the Aitken Centre in the design of the sound reinforcement systems, press facilities and power requirements for concerts and shows. The Aitken Centre sound system upgrade in 1994 also was designed by Doug.

Doug has been a volunteer member of the campus radio station (CHSR-FM and Radio UNB), since September 1969.  He has held a number of executive positions including over 20 years as Chief Engineer and two years as Radio UNB FM Coordinator. Doug was responsible for the setup of one of the first AM Carrier-Current systems in 1972. The majority of CHSR studios, master control and production facilities in the Student Union building were designed by Doug. He designed and installed the CHSR Campus Audio Distribution System in 1972 which interconnected 29 major UNB and STU buildings to the CHSR Studios using about 40 miles of cable in campus heating tunnels. Doug also assisted in the setup of new studio and transmission facilities at other university radio stations at Acadia, U de M, Mount Allison, St. F.X., UPEI, St. Marys, UNBSJ, Memorial and Dalhousie. The installation of CHSR FM transmission facilities in 1981 was also coordinated by Doug.  Doug has been Treasurer of the CHSR Broadcasting Board of Directors for over 14 years. He was a founding Board Member of NCRA, National Campus & Community Radio Association, for 11 years. Doug setup the National email system before email became popular. 

Doug offered his expertise to the Fredericton community by assisting in the design of CFNB Newsroom recording facilities. He designed and installed CIHI Newsroom recording facilities and assisted in the installation of studio equipment. Doug also designed and coordinated the installation of a sound reinforcement system in the Field House at UNB Saint John. Memorial Hall, Wu Centre, Student Union Building ballroom, College Hill Social Club and the Student Union Building cafeteria on the Fredericton UNB campus all had sound systems designed and installed by Doug. He also assisted in the design and installation of sound systems in the Main Gymnasium at the LB Gym and Christ Church (Parish) Church in Fredericton.

Doug participated in the Red ‘n Black Review, UNB’s annual variety show, for 11 years; 10 years on the executive as Technical Director. He supervised the technical crew and coordinated the sound and lighting requirements for the show. Doug co-directed the 50th Anniversary Show and the 2000 Homecoming Show. Doug has served on several university and student committees:

  • Aitken Centre Planning Committee (lighting and sound)
  • SUB Expansion CommitteeRadio UNB FM Committee (as coordinator)
  • CHSR FM CommitteeUNB Orientation Committee
  • UNB Winter Carnival Committee
  • Spring and Fall Convocation Committees
  • UNB’s Opening Commencement Committees
  • UNB Varsity Reds committees and events
  • UNB Alumni Council for 12 years
  • Many special Alumni events (especially reunion activities)

Over the years Doug has received a Student Activity Award (May of 1980), an Alumni Award of Honour (October of 2000) and is certainly qualified for a UNB Service Award for his efforts on behalf of both UNB and the Fredericton community.

Peter Rudduck
Integrated Services

read by Lori MacMullen, AVP Integrated Technology Services