Doug Crockett   2006 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Doug Crockett joined the University of New Brunswick in May 1982, appointed to the position of Benefits Officer. It is not an exaggeration to state that in one way or another, Doug’s work between 1982 and 2005 positively impacted every employee, former employee and retiree from UNB.

In his role as Benefits Officer, a title later changed to HR Consultant Benefits & Pensions, so as to more accurately reflect his role, Doug provided leadership in the development and delivery of a comprehensive program of fringe benefits that provide coverages for our employees that are the envy of other universities in the Atlantic region. He also played a central role in the formation and growth of the Pension Plan for Academic Employees of the University of New Brunswick, a plan with over 650 active members, 620 retirees and assets that now exceed $100 million.

It is often said that people are an organization’s most valuable resource. Doug Crockett was one of our university’s most valuable resources for well over twenty years, precisely because he treated each and every employee as though they were the university’s most valuable resource. Every employee with whom he came in contact, from President to Part-Timer, was given the same high level of personal service. Indeed, Doug’s official file contains numerous expressions of gratitude from current and former employees whom he served, like the following comment from a former Dean, “... I have been long impressed by your competence, friendly demeanour, consistently good advise and range of knowledge.” A former Vice President wrote, “I have been told many times of the excellent service Doug has provided and know personally of its quality and integrity from all the help he has given me.”

Appreciated by the people he served, Doug was particularly respected by the colleagues with whom he worked. His word on an issue was, for many, more valuable that any special study or consulting report. Chairs of UNB committees such as the Pension Board or Fringe Benefits Review depended upon his knowledge and pension/benefits specialists from other universities and government frequently turned to him for reliable information and advise.

Throughout his career Doug’s devotion to his responsibilities at UNB and to our employees was matched by three other things. First, was his devotion to family – his parents, his wife Roberta, his children Kelly, Lisa and Laurie and grandchildren Emma, Ben and Grace. Second was his devotion to salmon fishing, conservation and the Thistle Fishing Club. Alas, we take pity on him that his third devotion was to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The University of New Brunswick is a better place and our employees are far better off as a result of the work done by Mr. Douglas Crockett. There can be no greater measure of a man. He is most deserving of recognition with the 2006 President’s Medal.

Peter McDougall

Associate Vice-President

April 11, 2006