Donald Scott   2011 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

We are delighted to nominate Mr. Donald Scott for a UNB Distinguished Service Award. Don joined the SASE staff a little over a year ago as a Research Support Technician {RST) with primary responsibilities to assist researchers in the department of Biology and Psychology. In his capacity as a RST, he has helped numerous faculty members and graduate students design, build, and purchase equipment to effectively carry out their research.

As you are aware, we  have received numerous  written comments from faculty members  expressing · their thanks and high degree of satisfaction  with his assistance over the past year. Many have stopped us in hallways describing Dan's technical support, people have used words like creative and efficient, possessing a varied skill set, using proper safety techniques, etc. Equally important to his technical skills are Dan's people skills especially when working with such a variety of different individuals with  a multitude of backgrounds and unique priorities. ·on a daily basis Don needs to use good judgement when it comes to prioritizing projects for people and when required, he has appropriately and effectively consulted with us. Don has a very pleasant personality. He has been described as approachable, cooperative, dedicated, and passionate about his role at our university.

We both have personal experience working with Don, not only as co-supervisors, but also as researchers. Don has helped us and our students design, modify, purchase and install systems for housing animals and monitoring human activity through  HD video with a very high level of skill and professionalism.

Hence, we recommend Don Scott most highly for a UNB Distinguished Service Award.

Enrico DiTommaso

Dept. of Psychology

Bruce MacDonald

School of Graduate Studies