David Daugharty   2002 UNB President's Medal Recipient

RECRUITMENT, ADVISING, RETENTION, LEARNING, RECOGNITION of STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT, and STUDENT EMPLOYMENT — Dave Daugharty's drive and commitment to students, the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management, and the University of New Brunswick have been outstanding in these regards.

Certainly, Professor Daugharty has made academic and practical contributions to hydrology, his technical discipline where he has conducted research, written papers, supervised students, organized and chaired national and international conferences, and helped develop standards of practice in water resources management. And certainly, Professor Daugharty has been a superb teacher to both upper level students studying hydrology, and to first year students learning oral and written communication.

Dave's major contribution for the past 13 years however, is his effort and success in all aspects of student management. The most obvious place Dave has performed this role is in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management where he has taken a holistic approach to recruitment, advising, retention, student learning, recognition of student achievement, student employment, and alumni relations — integrating across all of these to make the Faculty effective and efficient.

Dave's primary concern is always with individual students and their success. He knows all the forestry and forest engineering students, and it begins the summer before they arrive when he contacts them, registers them for courses, and helps them prepare for University life. As they progress through the program he maintains personal contact and is on hand to advise, support and encourage them. When problems arise, whether the issue is academic, emotional or physical, Dave provides immediate and practical guidance and support. He does not wait for problems to become insurmountable, rather he is proactive, creative and comprehensive in finding solutions.

Dave's compassion for students is deep and he goes out on a limb for them, but he is not a push over. He utilizes 'tough love,' setting high standards and expecting students to strive for them. When they make the effort, he goes the distance. When they don't, he doesn't and he tells them why.

The attributes, attitudes, and abilities Dave brings to the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management are also applied across the University. Dave has served on 20 different University committees and has chaired the Enrollment Management Council and the Retention Committee. His vision and creativity have led to significant University-wide reform in student management.

Few people are aware of the many things Dave does because he operates in a modest and unpretentious way to make things happen. He does it with sincerity, drive, and spirited fun.

Dave is not only a problem solver, he is a problem seeker — always trying to make UNB and the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management better.

Presented by David MacLean, Dean of Forestry and Environmental Management
February 8, 2002