David Clark   2005 University Research Scholar

Professor Clark, of the department of psychology, is a world leader in the fields of cognitive therapy and treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder.  His research record is exemplary and he is internationally regarded as an authority on cognitive-behavioural formulations on the etiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.  For example, he is a member of an international research group on obsessive-compulsive disorders which consists of 38 researchers representing eight countries. 

He is a founding fellow of the American-based Academy of Cognitive Therapy, and during 1992-1995 was an adjunct professor at the University of Pennsylvania.  The frequent invitations Dr. Clark receives to give scholarly addresses and clinical workshops both within Canada and in other countries further attests to his international reputation, as do the facts that he regularly organizes and chairs symposia at international conferences and serves as Associate Editor of two of the highest quality journals in the area of cognitive therapy.

Dr. Clark has published more than 60 refereed journal articles in excellent journals, more than 90 refereed conference presentations, as well as 19 other publications, including several invited book chapters.  He has published three books (two within the last year), has one submitted book, and two books in preparation, all with highly reputable publishers. His first book, Scientific Foundations of Cognitive Theory and Therapy of Depression (Wiley, 1999), presents an integration and critical analysis of empirical research on cognitive approaches to depression and has been lauded as a landmark in the field.  Its impact has been an important one with international scope that fulfilled a long overdue need in clinical psychology literature.  His most recent book, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for OCD (Guilford, 2004), is already receiving critical acclaim from well-known clinical researchers and promises to cement his reputation as a leading authority in the field.  In addition, Dr. Clark has developed and published a highly respected psychological measure, the Clark-Beck Obsessive Compulsive Inventory, that is useful to both clinicians and researchers.

Dr. Clark's work has been supported by external national or provincial research funding since 1989.  He has received a total of $265,000 in grant money from SSHRC, MRFNB, FCTR and CBCF, among other sources. 

Dr. Clark has a strong commitment to graduate training and to mentoring young researchers.  He has supervised the theses of 17 honours, four master’s, and eight doctoral students — many of whom are co-authors of his conference presentations and journal articles.

Dr. Clark possesses all of the qualities required of a University Research Scholar. He has demonstrated a consistently high level of scholarship and his research has already achieved international stature.   These accomplishments are all the more noteworthy as he has at the same time served as Director of Clinical Training in the Department of Psychology (including overseeing the successful application for accreditation of the clinical doctoral program by the Canadian Psychological Association), served as Associate Editor for two leading journals in his field, and maintained a part-time clinical practice.

Presented by Peter Kent

Acting Dean of Arts

April 7, 2005