Dave Morell - 2016 President's Medal

David Morell graduated as a member of UNB's Class of 1972,with a BA in Psychology and History. During his time as a student, David served as assistant manager and then manager of the Red Devils hockey team. David even served, on an interim basis, as coach of the team.

David's passion for informing and promoting and entertaining surfaced on campus. He was there when Radio UNB became CHSR and was the station's first disc jockey. That led to his first job, with CFNB radio, which brought him back to campus regularly, to cover UNB teams and events.

In 2001,Dave officially returned to the University of New Brunswick when he was hired as the marketing manager for the Varsity Reds. In the 15 years since, Morell has promoted UNB's teams and student athletes and sold the Varsity Reds brand throughout the city, the province and the country.

His work as "the" public address announcer and/or emcee at UNB events has endeared him to thousands of students, alumni, faculty, staff and supporters. Many can't imagine a game or an event that doesn't include Morell's voice. His knowledge of events here and the people associated with them is, almost, unparalleled.

And while his service to the university community and those within it is unending, his dedication to the wider community has only served to solidify and enhance UNB's reputation. In short, David Morell has provided a positive influence at the University of New Brunswick for many years.

He's helped student-athletes to perform at high levels, both in their play and in their studies. At the same time, he's inspired hundreds of people to be active citizens. His leadership, and willingness to share have been, and will continue to be, an asset to the University of New Brunswick.