Daniel Voyer  2015 University Research Scholar

Dr. Daniel Voyer research clearly demonstrates a consistent high level of scholarship that... is of international stature. He has maintained an outstanding level of research productivity during his career, having published 77 refereed journal articles, most during his 14 years at UNB and 8 in the last year alone. Furthermore, his research has appeared in some of the top journals in his field, including Psychological Bulletin, Memory and Cognition, Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, and Neuropsychologia. His neuroscience research has made a clear and substantial impact on the work of other researchers.  For example, his meta-analysis of gender differences in spatial abilities published in Psychological Bulletin {1995) has been cited in nearly 1600 publications to date (over 100 times in the past year alone); this is substantially higher than is typical of most scientific articles in psychology. This demonstrates the high extent to which others are actively using the scholarly work produced by Dr. Voyer. Dr. Voyer is active in disseminating his research to the general public; for example, he communicates his research findings and thoughts on current research to the general public through an invited blog post on Psychology Today. In addition, Dr. Voyer's research has had applied implications that have influenced education practices, training programs, and screening tests for patients with brain damage. Dr. Voyer has held NSERC funding for the last 15 years.

Dr. Voyer has an impressive international reputation as an expert in his field. Indeed, he is recognized as one of the world's experts on cognitive gender differences and brain laterality. As a result, he is asked to evaluate a large number of manuscripts, research grants, and assessment of peers for promotion, tenure, or awards each year for international journals and institutions. In addition, he serves on editorial boards not only of Canadian journals but also of American and British journals. He receives numerous invitations to give research talks across Canada and in Europe and the United States. Furthermore, Dr. Voyer's research has been cited in papers published by researchers in 53 different countries. He has collaborated with or is currently collaborating with researchers in Germany, United States, the Netherlands, and Canada. His research has been frequently cited in the popular press world-wide. For example, his 2014 publication in Psychological Bulletin, the top journal in psychology, was the object of much media coverage worldwide including an article about the findings in Time Magazine in the United States and stories in Iran, Russia, Italy, England, and India among other countries. Such coverage both demonstrates and adds to his international reputation. Dr. Voyer's  international reputation is also clearly illustrated by the fact that students from both within Canada and from abroad seek him out as a potential doctoral or postdoctoral supervisor.

At the national level, possibly one of the most concrete demonstrations  of the respect given to Dr. Voyer's work as a researcher comes from his invitations to serve on the NSERC Grant Evaluation Group in Cognitive Science on two separate occasions, and serve as its Chair twice as well (in 2008 and as a current chair). Dr. Voyer was selected to chair the committee in 2008 in part because of major structural initiatives being undertaken by NSERC that required strong leadership by a highly respected scholar. His invitation to serve as editor of the Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, the premier Canadian publication outlet for experimental psychology, also demonstrates the strength of his reputation within Canada. In short, Dr. Daniel Voyer is an outstanding and extremely productive researcher who is recognized nationally and internationally for his important research contributions.

read by Dr. David Burns
Vice-President Research
April 13, 2015