Christoph Lorey   2011 President's Medal Recipient

Dr. Lorey stands out as a beloved teacher of German and important contributor to the study of German language, literature and culture at the University of New Brunswick. Passion, imaginativeness, persistence, and academic rigor came together in his approach to teaching and research.

Dr. Lorey joined the Department of German and Russian, now Culture and Language Studies, in 1994 and remained an active and dedicated member of the Department until his retirement from active academic duties in 2010 due to his disability.

He is recognized here and throughout Canada as a scholar with wide-ranging interests in German Studies, Culture Studies, Linguistics, World Literature and Interdisciplinary Studies, as a dedicated editor of The International Fiction Review, and an avid reviewer of books. Among his published books, articles, encyclopedia entries, and reviews on 18th, 19th, and 20th-century German writers, particular mention deserve his monographs on the most important author of German Enlightenment, G.E. Lessing, and on the “German Shakespeare", J.W. Goethe, as well as the edition of volumes on Queer Theory and on German Material Culture, and finally, the publication of a Festschrift on J.W. Goethe and on Intercultural Language Learning. Students learn how to read German from his regularly revised and reprinted textbook on Reading German.

Dr. Lorey's publications, authored or edited, are of impressive quality, and he demanded no less of the work of his peers. The International Fiction Review, a journal with a world-wide circulation and authoritative coverage of world fiction as well as reviews of recently published novels and scholarly works on fiction, was known for its rigorous quality standards. Dr. Lorey edited IFR single-handedly from 1995-2007. An astonishing 120 articles and approximately 240 reviews on and by international writers can be found in the twenty-two issues of The International Fiction Review for which Dr. Lorey was responsible as editor for 13 years.

Professor Lorey provided both the integral organizations of his field of expertise and the University of New Brunswick with distinguished administrative service. He was elected President of the Canadian Association of Teachers of German in 1997 and presided over the Atlantic Association of Teachers of German between 1994 and 1996. He was Director of Graduate Studies in German from 1994 to 2000 and served as Acting Chair of theDepartment of Culture and Language Studies in 2004 and 2005. He served regularly and effectively on many other University committees, and was a member of the Senate between 1998 and 2001, and again between 2007 and 2009.

Dr. Lorey was dedicated to raising awareness among the wider university community concerning the struggles of persons with disabilities and instrumental in bringing about positive changes that would lead towards increases of accessibility of buildings and services at UNB.

Dr. Lorey devoted much energy to the development of the Department's core program in World Literature and Culture Studies and to the direction of the German and German Studies programs. Students and colleagues judged his teaching and mentoring to be of exceptional merit. His team-taught courses drew enthusiastic support from members across all faculty disciplines. He is a recipient of the 2001 Faculty of Arts Teaching Award, an award for which he was also nominated several times.

Anette Guse, Jula Hughes, Wu Weiqiu
Faculty of Arts