Bonnie Wood   2003 UNB Service Award Recipient

Bonnie Wood joined the Faculty of Administration in 1990 in what was then an experimental position for the Faculty and for the University. She was the first professional staff member at UNB within a Faculty whose position was exclusively dedicated to student services, mainly academic advising, and to assisting with orientation planning and some career services.

Prior to the creation of Bonnie's position, most first-year student advising was assigned to faculty members. Ongoing advising was the duty of an Assistant Dean, and an Undergraduate Program Director. The Faculty felt a need for the position, as the faculty advising was sometimes "spotty" (to put it mildly), and the total advising load was too much for the Assistant Dean and Program Director. So, we decided to professionalize the function.

In retrospect, the creation of the position was probably one of the smartest things the Faculty ever did. The smartest thing the Faculty has ever done was to hire Bonnie into the position.

In short, it is hard to think of anyone who could be better at the job. Bonnie is tireless in her efforts to make sure that every student receives the best care possible. She works exceedingly long hours and is driven by her commitment to the students.

Over the years, Bonnie has adjusted to many changes. Since taking her position, the Faculty has radically revised the BBA curriculum twice. Initially, she reported to an Assistant Dean (Undergraduate), and served with three Assistant Deans. Several years ago, we reorganized the Faculty's administrative structure. She now reports to the Associate Dean (Programs), and is working with her third Associate Dean. In other words, she has been, and continues to be, the stable element in the Faculty's service delivery to students. She interprets curriculum regulations and the changes to those regulations to students. She is also the person who has trained that litany of Assistant and Associate Deans.

As a function of the recent reorganization, an even larger portion of BBA advising has shifted to her portfolio. A full-time secretary, as well as a team of four students, and two faculty members have been assigned to assist Bonnie in her operation. Now her job is even more complex, as she is responsible for managing a significant number of people who maintain our service excellence.

It was noted above that hiring Bonnie was an experiment. It can safely be reported that the experiment was an unmitigated success. Through all the changes over the years, Bonnie has maintained an upbeat, caring, and positive approach. Again, it is a reflection of her deep commitment to making sure that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

Her commitment and service excellence was recently reflected in an internal survey we did of our graduating BBA students. When asked what was the best aspect of the Faculty of Administration, one of the most frequent responses was: "Bonnie Wood".