Beverly Lockhart   2012 Distinguished Service Award

Bev’s career at UNB, Saint John began in 1989 and she has remained with the Financial & Administrative Services department for all 22 years.  Bev projects confidence with all aspects of student accounts and purchasing policies.  Before coming to the University, Bev worked at Delta Hotels as a Purchasing Manager and before that at Baxter Dairies as an Order Clerk.

Bev has demonstrated her willingness to go above and beyond what is required for helping students in financial matters (eg student loans, payments, course load etc).  Regardless of the student attitudes, Bev maintains a calm and cool demeanor.  Over the past several years we have seen a major increase in international students on campus – both in our regular programs as well as at Saint John College.  Bev has been able to create ways to communicate information to students even though there’s a language barrier.  The traffic at the counter is heavier each year and Bev manages to prioritize her workload in an efficient and effective manner.

Faculty, staff and students are all comfortable asking Bev for information and confident that this information is accurate.

Bev is a key member of our department and I strongly feel that her 20+ years of service should be recognized through this formal process.

Heather Finkle, Financial & Administrative Services
March 14, 2012