Barry Monson  2015 President's Medal

Dr. Barry Monson holds the rank of Full Professor at the University of New Brunswick, and has been a full time faculty member since 1979. He is currently the Math Undergraduate Advisor and is a Senator.

Dr. Monson has made extraordinary contributions to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, the Faculty of Science, the University, and the mathematical community. His dedication to scholarly work, teaching and the broader community has been exemplary.

Dr. Monson obtained his doctorate at the University of Toronto under the supervision of the world-renowned geometer H.S.M. Coxeter, and his research has focused on interactions between algebra and geometry. He has held an NSERC research grant for most of his 35 years at UNB, the latest of which was awarded through 2016. He has given invited lectures at 45 conferences and workshops, and has been invited to give a mini-course at the Fields Institute, one of the premier research institutes in Canada. Having been asked to referee for 28 different scholarly journals speaks to his stature in the research community.

Dr. Monson’s contribution to teaching has been recognized by the Faculty of Science Teaching Award in 2003 and by a 2009 nomination for the Allan P. Stewart Award for Excellence in Teaching. His colleagues continue to be inspired by his dedication to students at all levels and by the broad range of courses he has taught: a dozen courses in different areas of mathematics, from introductory to advanced, in the last seven years alone. He has supervised graduate students, summer research students, a postdoctoral fellow, and has served as the local director of the Atlantic Association for the Mathematical Sciences (AARMS) Summer School for graduate students from 2008-2010.

Dr. Monson has been a leader in outreach, enrichment, and mentoring. For 21 of the past 35 years, he has co-organized the Mathematics Problem Group for advanced undergraduate students at UNB. He has mentored and guided many Grade 10 and 11 students through the Math Camp, affiliated with the Canadian Mathematical Society, and has participated in the Shad Valley program. He has run a problems group at Fredericton High School, and middle school students across the province have benefited from his presentations on and off campus.

Dr. Monson has also been centrally involved in organizing the New Brunswick Math Competition, an annual event that brings to the Fredericton campus up to 400 Grade 7-9 students from across the province and introduces them to scholarly work done at various Faculties at UNB. Through CBC Radio and Science East, he has been able to share his love of mathematics with the general public. 

Dr. Monson has recently been awarded the title of Honorary Research Professor.

read by Vlad Tasic
Mathematics and Statistics
April 13, 2015