Barbara Trenholm   2003 UNB Teaching Professor

Barbara Trenholm is an innovative and effective teacher, with an outstanding record of educational leadership that has spanned her entire career. Her influence in creating a positive student-centre learning environment at UNB and her contribution to chartered accounting education in Canada have had a significant impact on students, alumni, colleagues and the accounting profession as a whole.

Prof. Trenholm has been honoured by numerous organizations — locally, nationally, and internationally — for her teaching excellence and educational leadership. She is a recipient of the National Post/Pricewaterhouse Coopers Leaders in Management Education Award, the University of New Brunswick's Merit Award and the University of New Brunswick's Dr. Allan P. Stuart Award for Excellence in Teaching. A recent edition of the Maclean's Guide to Canadian Universities and Colleges named her as one of UNB's most popular professors.

In her teaching philosophy, Prof. Trenholm states that her "passion is to motivate students to want to learn accounting." This passion permeates all of her activities. But passion cannot inspire without substance, and it is her unique combination of enthusiastic devotion and leadership, expert knowledge of her subject, and expertise in teaching it that command respect and admiration. Her characteristics of passion and expertise are particularly evident in the myriad ways that she strives to develop her students' understanding of the relevance of accounting to their lives. Her teaching strategies — including active and collaborative learning, dynamic technology-mediated lectures, interactive student-centred textbooks and study materials, and case analyses — all emphasize the accounting experiences of real companies. Without exception, Barbara Trenholm's students comment on the applicability and usefulness of her teaching to the "real world".

Barbara Trenholm brings "real world" experiences into her classroom through her extensive involvement in corporate and non-profit organizations. In addition, she has a history of selfless, enthusiastic, and dedicated leadership in professional accounting education. She firmly believes that she and her students get back far more than she has ever contributed.

One of the strongest manifestations of Barbara Trenholm's educational leadership is her record of publications that promote effective teaching and learning. Her textbooks include innovations that have radically changed the teaching and learning of accounting. Using a strong learner-centred, pedagogical foundation with real-world applicability, her texts are market leaders in Canada. The extraordinarily high praise of professors and students who use her textbooks and other materials provide incontrovertible proof of their effectiveness. In addition, Barbara has written scholarly articles on teaching and learning accounting for relevant educational publications. Considered together, there can be no doubt about the immense impact that these pioneering educational publications have had on the enhancement of the teaching and learning of accounting in Canada.

Presented by Daniel Coleman Dean, Faculty of Administration
February 7, 2003