Assad David   2007 Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Assad David has been with UNB since 1994. He started in financial services, where he was promoted several times to become the Supervisor for Student Financial Services.  He had a huge job there, being responsible for student payments. He introduced many innovations, and was a key member of the Datatel implementation team within Financial Services.

Assad was hired into the Faculty of Business Administration in 2000, to help with more or less “technical” assistance to run our international programs. At the time, our BBA in Trinidad was reaching maturity, and our BBA program in Cairo was just starting. I recall constructing the advertisement for the position. Our preference was for someone who knew our culture, and therefore possessed a UNB BBA, was familiar with accounting, preferably in an academic environment, and for whom knowledge of Arabic would be an asset. My conjecture was that the best applicant would have one or two of the key attributes. Then I met Assad, who absolutely fit the bill. So we hired him.

He dove right in, and helped to straighten out our arrangements with Trinidad. We then turned to get the program in Cairo off to a reasonably good start. A couple years after that, we added the MBA program in Poland. Again, his exceptional skills and diplomacy let us get the program going. We then added the MBA program in Kiev, and once again, he was instrumental in getting the program going. In this last instance, he truly emerged as being more than a program assistant—in fact, he assisted me in negotiating the terms and conditions of the partnership. He has truly grown with the job, which is vital for our success, since the job keeps growing!

He is now fully responsible for all non-academic aspects of all of our off-shore operations (see his resume for the description). This includes setting timetables, coordinating professors both from here and abroad, all financial transactions, and even advising students. All of his work is accomplished with skill, poise, and diplomacy. This is truly remarkable performance, especially considering the wide range of duties he performs. (As an aside, he recently hired an assistant to shed what are now some of the “lower end” duties for which he was originally hired.)

In his “spare time”, he also completed a Masters in Education. I don’t know how he did it.

Now that I am well into my second term as dean, I have had three associate deans come and go who were responsible for the academic side of our international programs. Assad has been in his position throughout, and has provided the “glue” to keep these programs operating. We would be lost without him.

Dr. Daniel F. Coleman, Dean

Faculty of Business Administration

April 10, 2007