Allison Caverhill   2005 UNB Distinguished Service Award Recipient

Mr. Allison Caverhill has provided outstanding service to the Department of Physical Plant and the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton.

 Allison has been employed for 29 years in the Department of Physical Plant at UNBF.  With over 36 years of experience, he has a sound knowledge base and the exceptional skills necessary for any task he undertakes on campus.

 While most people appreciate the end product of Al’s efforts, few appreciate the planning, dedication, long hours, and hard work that go into his job.  Whether setting up work schedules for the 14 electricians he supervises, selecting major pieces of electrical equipment required on campus, or assisting in the design of electronic monitoring systems or fire alarm systems, his work ethic is apparent in the manner in which he approaches his job. 

 Allison’s quiet and unassuming style does not provide a visible expression of his attention to detail when it comes to job completion.  His total commitment to ensuring that all tasks carried out by his shop are done in a safe and efficient manner is apparent to those who work with him.

 Over many, many years Allison has consistently provided a quality end result, ensuring that his staff is knowledgeable and prepared for the tasks he assigns.  His work ethic and reliability are impeccable, and is rated top notch in character and personality.  He is a mentor to all staff in his shop and openly passes on his knowledge to those working with him.  Managing is made easy with Al as he goes about his job with eagerness, does it to the best of his ability, is self-motivated, and is respected by his staff, peers, and managers.

 Allison Caverhill is truly a quality individual and an excellent candidate for this award.

 Presented by Mike Carter

Director of Physical Plant

March 23, 2005