Ali Ghorbani   2007 University Research Scholar Award Recipient

Dr. Ali Ghorbani is the Assistant Dean (Research and Outreach), in the Faculty of Computer Science.

He joined the Faculty of Computer Science in July 1999 as an Associate Professor and was promoted to Professor in 2003.  He was also awarded the UNB Merit Award in that year.

Dr. Ghorbani has made and continues to make outstanding contributions to the Faculty of Computer Science in the area of research and dissemination of knowledge.  He is committed to developing a world class reputation for our Faculty through the mentoring of graduate students, publications, active participation at conferences, and is very generous in the sharing of research opportunities with fellow faculty members.  He is currently supervising seven doctoral candidates and nine Masters students as part of his commitment.  He has published 20 refereed journal papers and 73 more in refereed conference proceedings.

In addition, Ali has been invited to speak at many international venues. His research funding is substantial.  Since 2002 he has been the principal or co-principal investigator in nearly $5 million of funding from the Atlantic Innovation Fund and continues to receive discovery grants from NSERC.

Dr. Ghorbani works in the area of modeling and simulation, particularly in the area of trusted agents and security. 

Dr. Ghorbani’s current research plan calls for the development of a methodology for the study of Critical Infrastructure and the implementation of tools to model, simulate, and visualize such infrastructures. 

We in the Faculty of Computer Science are delighted that Dr. Ghorbani is being recognized with this distinguished University award.

Dr. Virendra Bhavsar

Dean, Computer Science

April 10, 2007