Graduate Award Recipients | Fall Convocation | UNB

Graduate Award Recipients

  • Douglas Gold Medal: Tabatha Cormier, Bachelor of Science (Biology)
  • Governor General's Gold Medal: Kelly Chaves, PhD (History)
  • Governor General's Silver Medal: Matthew Miller, Bachelor of Science (Biology)

Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick's Silver Medal

  • Arts (FR): Julia Keilty
  • Arts (SJ): Madison Logan
  • Business (SJ): Paulina Zambrano
  • Computer Science: Vlad Marica
  • Education: Phillippa Wennberg
  • Engineering: Anna Miller
  • Forestry: Daniel Nunes
  • Kinesiology: Gillian Staples
  • Law: Curtis Doyle
  • Management (FR): Shannon Gallagher
  • Nursing: Emily Tingley
  • Renaissance College: Janice Noble
  • SASE: Jagger Watters-Gray
  • Science: Matthew Miller