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Mobilizing Knowledge

Communicating the value of scholarly research is an important skill for academics at all career stages. Increasingly referred-to as “knowledge mobilization,” it plays a central role in graduate students’ career advancement and is a key component of successful networking. From developing 30-second “elevator pitches” for use at conferences and professional meetings to more formal 15-minute “job talks” for an interview, graduate students need to develop ways to impress different audiences and convey the significance of their academic work in clear, compelling, and understandable terms.

Along with our annual Three Minute Thesis challenge, we are excited to announce two additional presentation challenges this year that provide additional opportunities for students to hone their communication skills and share their exciting scholarly work: the SSHRC Storyllers challenge and the NBIF Student Pitch challenge (further details below).

For all three events, the School of Graduate Studies is pleased to be offering a series of workshops to support students in development of their presentations. Workshops will be open to all students but registration will be required to ensure access. For further information, or to register for workshops, please contact Dr. Sasha Mullally, Associate Dean in the SGS ( 

Keep on top of all of these exciting events and associated workshops by checking out the Knowledge Mobilization schedule of events.

SSHRC Storytellers

SSHRC's Storytellers competition challenges postsecondary students (undergraduate or graduate students) to 'pitch' their work in the format of a short video, text submission or infographic. The pitch should feature a research project at UNB that is funded by SSHRC either directly to the student or to a faculty member with whom the student is working. Your story must be 'compelling, creative and clear'! The deadline for your submission directly to SSHRC is January 28, 2020. Please register your interest by January 15 to access SGS support ( 


The top 25 finalists will be awarded $3,000 and be invited to attend the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences for a special communications workshop and to present live at the Storytellers Showcase.

For more details of eligibility and presentation formats, visit the Storytellers website.

Submit your story online before January 28, 2020.

NBIF R3 Student Pitch Challenge

Like the 3MT and Storytellers challenges, the NBIF challenge invites students to 'pitch' their research first in the form of a very short video (deadline for submission Feb 21, 2010). Finalists in this challenge will then be invited to do a live 3-minute presentation at the NBIF R3 gala on April 2, 2020. Once again, this challenge helps students to develop communication skills that allow them to impress a lay audience with the importance of their research and scholarly work in a way that is both concise and persuasive. For further information or to register for SGS workshops contact Dr. Sasha Mullally, Associate Dean in the SGS ( 

For complete details of the NBIF pitch challenge, check out their website. And register online.


  • Students must be currently enrolled in an eligible post-secondary educational institution in New Brunswick
  • Students must have completed at least one full year of post-secondary education
  • Students must present their own work. This could be a doctoral thesis, master’s research, summer student research project, undergraduate honor’s project, capstone project, or other research project with an academic supervisor.


Award Prize
Grand Prize, Live Pitch at R3 Gala $2,000
First Runner Up, Live Pitch at R3 Gala $1,000
Second Runner Up, Live Pitch at R3 Gala $500
Winner, Best Video (from all submissions) $1,000