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ARTIST study

The Adolescents Right to Inclusion Study (ARTIST) is a small exploratory study that will inform the upcoming pan-Canadian and global GlobalChild Project. The data collection for the ARTIST study began in March 2017.

This study will create an opportunity for adolescents in a high school in Victoria, BC to creatively express their views (e.g. through writing, art, music, poetry, video) on child rights in Canada and the potential impact of a monitoring tool like GlobalChild on their rights.

Launching this exploratory study at the very beginning of the GlobalChild project will allow the opinions and views expressed by a group of adolescents to inform multiple aspects of the project, from the design of our logo to the creation of child rights indicators.

The ARTIST study is a pledge to Articles 12 and 13 of the CRC: the principles of respect for the views of the child and freedom of expression, respectively.