Wellness is a living project

Campus Wellness strives to foster an environment where personal growth, healthy choices and positive community values are encouraged.  Campus Wellness empowers the UNB community to incorporate healthful practices into their daily lives.  Our vision is to filter all UNB policies through the lens of wellness.

Being UBe engaged, be inspired, be nourished, be green, be "U"!  Being You is an important part of wellness.   Campus Wellness has a wealth of initiatives and programs to help all members of the university community discover and maintain balance in their lives, set goals for personal development and enhanced quality of life, realize the power of positive connections and acknowledge the need for a strong sense of belonging within the UNB community.

It's your wellness

The wellness needs of the university community are continually changing. Campus Wellness appreciates the richness of culture that UNB celebrates through diversity, its dedication to the environment and development of character that supports a civil and growing community.  We will endeavor to be a leader in holistic wellness for students, employees and the wider community by supporting healthy learning, research, services, student life and working environments through UNB policies and processes. Campus Wellness is designed for you.

Wellness Themes - your connection to wellness

Need to jump start your wellness but are not sure how? Connect with our monthly wellness events to learn how.

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