Healthy Active Living Champions

HALC logoA joint project of Human Resources, Kinesiology and the Wellness Committee, the HALC program is designed to celebrate those members of the university community who "walk the talk" as they live a healthy active lifestyle. They inspire us, set an amazing example and remind us that we can all live a healthy active life.

Created in 2007 by Nicola Cassidy (Human Resources) and Gabriela Tymowski, (Faculty of Kinesiology) the HALC program has honoured  many students, faculty, staff, alumni and even a former Olympic athlete and a Premier of New Brunswick.  The Champions are living examples of how a healthy lifestyle is beneficial, rewarding and most of all, fun!

If you know of an unsung healthy living hero please nominate them today.  We love to celebrate success at UNB and encourage a new generation of healthy active living champions.