Environmental Wellness

Environmental Wellness is about preserving and restoring the environment, being active in your community, and maintaining your personal areas indoors and out!

You know you are becoming environmentally well, when:

  • You are aware of your impact on the environment
  • You keep your personal areas (home, office, car, etc.) clean and organized
  • You make efforts to preserve resources, such as food, water, and electricity

Tips for becoming more environmentally well, are:

  • Limit your use of resources, including eletricity, fuel, and helium
  • Clean up and organize your personal areas
  • Use public transit, carpool, walk, or bike!

UNB is proud to embrace the environment as we support initiatives to go GREEN.


Sodexo our campus food service provider has a Better Tomorrow Plan that is part of their mission and values as a company.  The plan focuses on three areas:

  • Protecting and restoring our environment
  • Supporting our local communities
  • Promoting health and wellness

Did you know...click here for more info on Sodexo's initiatives

Facilities Management is leading the way with making the campus GREEN.  Find out how.

The UNB Student Union is very active in keeping our campus green.  Click here for an impressive list of activities and programs.