BLUE: Data Integrity Gateway (DIG) - Sort and Filter Course List

The course list that is populated in DIG displays all the courses under the academic unit (department or faculty) that the SOS Coordinator is associated with. 

This page highlights the instructions on how to sort and filter the course list for review in DIG during the Data Verification Process (DVP). Follow the steps to sort and filter the results to make the list more manageable. 

Sort Course List

1. To sort the course Name in alphabetical order and by course number, click on the Name field. This will automatically sort the Name from A-Z with increasing course number.
2. To sort the Course_Title alphabetically, click on the Course_Title field. This will automatically sort the Course_Title from A-Z.
3. To sort the Course_Start_Date or Course_End_Date from the oldest to newest, click on the Course_Start_Date or Course_End_Date field. 
4. To sort the Status, click on the Status field. This will automatically sort the courses from unpublished to published. 

Filter Course List

1. To filter the course list for a specific criteria, click Add Criteria. 
2. Choose the filtering criteria.
3. Click Add criterion.


To filter by Course_End_Date, use criteria Courses field - Course_End_Date - Greater than - Date.

To filter by Evaluate_Yes_No, use criteria Courses field - Evaluate_Yes_No - Is - Yes/No.

To filter using multiple criterion, simply keep adding criterion until you get the desired result.

4. To Delete criterion, click on the red dot with x mark next to the criterion or click on the Reset button.