Academic Advising Support Resources

The following resources have been developed and maintained as part of the objectives for enhancing academic advising at UNB Fredericton.

Supports for Academic Advising

Additional Resources for Advisors

Advising Council & Working Groups

An Academic Advising Council, initiated by the Academic Advising Support Coordinator to support his work, has established a place for dialogue and action around advising at UNB Fredericton. The Academic Advising Council also coordinates several working groups to develop and enhance effective and engaging systems of student support that empower self-directed learning and success. Currently working groups are committed to developing initiatives and programs for Advisor Recognition, a Charter of Academic Advising, and an Appreciative Advising framework for the university, among other things.

Appreciative Advising Community of Practice

The Academic Advising Support Office is committed to developing a strong and connected community of advisors who actively practice the Appreciative Advising model. Appreciative Advising is a phase-based, structured framework of advising that uses positive and open-ended questions to elicit information from students during advising interactions.

This model supports students as they explore their goals and interests, while fostering their existing strengths as they develop new skills. Appreciative Advising includes co-creating plans of action that help students gain the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to be self-directed, life-long learners.

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