Academic Advising at UNB

In the UNB Strategic Plan (2010), the University of New Brunswick established an aim “to be the best teaching and learning institution in Canada, balancing and integrating excellence in education and research” (pp.11). The Strategic Plan also aims to provide “an exceptional and transformative student experience” (pp.9) with objectives to

  • “provide appropriate academic, social, developmental, and financial support” (pp.11);
  • “increase opportunities for students to think critically and creatively” (ibid.); and
  • “promote innovative thinking” (ibid.). 

To do this, UNB “will support academic programs that are engaging, challenging, and relevant” as well as “design curricula to help students acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities they will need to make a significant difference and to create opportunities for themselves and others” (pp.9).

These goals and our institutional mission have set the stage for academic advising to play its role—one that is integral to student success and retention. It is through academic advising that most students become introduced to the University of New Brunswick. It is the "scaffold” that supports, mentors and guides our students through their degree programs, while doubling as a hub that moves students to other campus resources.

Supporting Academic Advising

Recognizing the significance of high quality advising and its influence on the student experience, Neil Cole was hired in April 2013 as Academic Advising Support Coordinator to support academic advisors and the development of academic advising on the Fredericton campus.

Mr. Cole has been tasked with several focused responsibilities that have included defining advising at UNB Fredericton, developing resources and professional development opportunities, and promoting the value of academic advising, among other things.

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Academic Advising Defined

Objectives & Planned Initiatives

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