Pilates Mat Workshops

Pilates for life!

9 a.m | Saturday, Nov. 16 | Hatheway Family Fitness Studio, 2nd floor CURRIE CENTER | $17 - member & $20 - non member

In this 75 minute class we will work all of the essential muscles you need to move with freedom and ease. We will focus on functional movement patterns to help you gain strength and flexibility using Pilates based exercises. Whether you have a desk job, are an athlete or are somewhere in between, you will gain real knowledge on how to help your body move well throughout your life. Come prepared to move!

Reformer Workshops

Reformer Barre

9 a.m. | Saturday, Sept. 28 | Private Training Studio, 3rd floor CURRIE CENTER | $20 - member & $25 -non member

Pilates Barre and Cardio Reformer have been perfectly blended together in this creative and challenging workshop. Using all of the amazing choreography from the Pilates Barre class, and combining it with the jump board, your entire body will feel all the love and attention! We’ll take advantage of small props - like balls and weights - to explore challenging choreography. Expect to get your heart rate up and your sweat on in this full body, high intensity workout!

Yin Reformer 

9 a.m. | Saturday, Oct. 26 | Private Training Studio, 3rd floor CURRIE CENTER | $25 - member & $30 -non member

Looking for a way to release muscle tension and increase your flexibility? In this 75 minute Reformer Stretch Workshop we will take advantage of this specialized piece of equipment to encourage our muscles to stretch and improve our mobility. The nature of stretching requires a slower approach so this class atmosphere will be gentle and mindful. You do not need to be a Pilates practitioner to participate - all of the stretches are useful for anyone. You will leave this workshop feeling relaxed, and more at ease.

Reformer Yoga

9 a.m. | Saturday, Dec. 7 | Private Training Studio, 3rd floor CURRIE CENTER | $25 - member & $30 -non member

In this creative and unique 75 minute workshop we will practice yoga using the Pilates Reformer. This class blends both yoga and Pilates into a powerful and flowing workout. Prior yoga experience is recommended for this workshop. Come prepared to play, explore and move!

Register online, in person (1st floor Richard J. CURRIE CENTER) or by phone at 506-453-4579.

Workshop spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis.