Your Lease

Leases are legally binding documents that set out the terms of the relationship between the landlord and the tenant. This is a standard form lease that sets out the general terms of any lease but additional terms may be added to the lease at the agreement of both the landlord and the tenant. You cannot, however, remove any of the mandatory rights and responsibilities that are included in the standard form lease.

There are two ways that you and your roommates can sign a lease. You can either sign the same lease or separate leases for each person.

  • Same Lease

A same lease is when you and your housemates have your names on the same lease that covers the entire living area. If you choose to sign a same lease you can be help liable for your housemates' portion of the rent if they fail to pay. You and your housemates have shared rights and responsibilities over the whole living area. Most leases where you share a living area are a same lease.

  • Separate Lease

A separate lease is when you and your housemates each sign individual leases. If you do this you are only responsible for your portion of the rent and cannot be held liable if your housemate fails to pay.

Security Deposit

You landlord has the right to demand a security deposit from you. The security deposit should be paid before, or at, the start of your tenancy. A security deposit cannot be more than 1 month's rent.

Your security deposit is half by the Rentalsman, who will mail you a receipt when they receive your security deposit. If you do not receive a receipt from the Rentalsman within 7 days of paying your security deposit, you should contact the Office of Rentalsman as soon as possible. Your landlord has 7 days after the end of the lease to claim the security deposit. Things that the landlord can claim the damage deposit for include:

  • Physical damage
  • Cleaning
  • Unpaid Rent

Any money not claimed by the landlord will be returned to the tenant. The tenant can request the security deposit any time after the tenancy ends using forms that are available at the Rentalsman's Office.

Last Month's Rent

Your landlord is not allowed to ask for your last month's rent in advance. They can only ask for your first month's rent and security deposit.


Before signing your lease, make sure that you follow the instructions on inspecting your place that are contained in Tenant/Landlord Rights and Responsibilities.