Tenant Responsibilities to the Community

Other residents in the community have the same right to peaceful enjoyment of their home and yard as you do. You have a responsibility not to interfere with this right.

Tenants must conduct themselves and require other persons on the premises with his/her consent to conduct themselves in a manner that will not cause a disturbance or nuisance. Things that can cause a disturbance or nuisance include, but are not limited to:

  • Noise
  • Garbage
  • Animals
  • Fire


Noise that causes a disturbance to other inhabitants of the city are prohibited by By-Law S-13, which carries a minimum fine of $250. Noise disturbance is defined as any noise or sounds of such volume or nature as to cause annoyance to resident of the city, and includes, but is not limited to:

  • Shouting
  • Loud Parties
  • Motor Vehicle Noise
  • Loud Music
  • Animal Noises


Residents of Fredericton must deal with their garbage in a way that does not cause a nuisance to others. Collection and disposal of garbage in Fredericton is regulated by By-Law W-4, the violation of which can lead to fines ranging from $50-200. The By-Law has the following rules for dealing with garbage:

  • Garbage must be in a garbage can or securely tied large garbage bags.
  • Garbage cannot be brought to the curb earlier than 8pm the day before collection.
  • Garbage must not remain on private property more than 7 days between garbage collections.
  • Broken or discarded furniture/appliances will not be accepted for collection. These must be taken to the landfill at the owner's expense.
  • Large items also need to be taken to the landfill at the owner's expense or by a private company.
  • Bottles can be taken to the Southside Redemption Centre or the Northside Redemption Centre.


Landlords may or may not allow you to have an animal in your home. If you are allowed to have animals in your home, you still have to comply with the city of Fredericton's rules regarding animal control. These rules can be found in By-Law S-11, which can be found here.


Fires of any kind outside a residence are not permitted without a permit. Information/permits can be obtained from the local Fire Department.