Landlord Questions and Giving Notice

Here are some examples of what your landlord can and cannot ask.

Can Ask

The landlord can ask questions that will help him/her assess your suitability as a tenant, as long as they do not infringe on your rights.

  • What is your income? Where do you work?
  • How many people will be living with you and what are their names?
  • Do you have pets? Do you smoke? Will your family be visiting?
  • Could you provide written permission for a credit check?
  • May I see your references, and their current contact information?

Cannot Ask

The landlord cannot ask questions that infringe on your rights under the Human Rights Code for your province.

  • Do you plan to have (more) children?
  • What is your ethnic background, religion, or sexual preference?
  • What is your Social Insurance Number? If you don't provide your SIN, I won't rent to you.
  • Are you married, single, or divorced?

For more information please see CMHC Guide to Renting a Home, pg. 15.


A landlord can enter your place after providing written notice. Notice must include:

  • 24hrs notice for viewing
  • 7 days notice for repairs
  • Reason your place is being entered
  • Day of entry
  • Time of entry (must be between 8am-8pm)
  • Must not be given on a Sunday or Holiday

Your landlord can enter your home without notice:

  • If you have agreed to let your landlord in
  • If you have an agreement that cleaning services will be provided
  • If there is an emergency
  • If the tenant has abandoned the premises
  • For a two day period after receipt of a tenant's written request to carry out repairs

You can refuse your landlord entry if these rules are not followed.

You do no need to be present when your place is entered.