Landlords' Responsibilities to the Community

The landlord is responsible for ensuring that the properties that they rent are not dangerous or unsightly, as defined in the Municipalities Act.

Dangerous and Unsightly Premises (Municipalities Act, s.190)

No person shall permit premises owned or occupied by him or her to be unsightly by permitting to remain on any part of such premises:

  • Any ashes, junk, rubbish or refuse,
  • An accumulation of wood shavings, paper, sawdust or other residue of production or construction,
  • A derelict vehicle, equipment or machinery or the body of any part of a vehicle, equipment or machinery, or
  • A dilapidated building.

No person shall permit a building or structure owned or occupied by him or her to become a hazard to the safety of the public by reason of dilapidation or unsoundness of structural strength.