By-Law Z-2


Number of Tenants

  • No more than 4 unrelated persons living in the upstairs or main level
  • No more than 3 unrelated persons living in a basement apartment

Sleeping Quarters

Sleeping quarters in the basement must have egress windows which are big enough to allow an adult to escape through should there be an emergency such as a fire (3.77 sq. ft. or .35 sq. m or no less than 15 inches).


Every tenant has a right to privacy in his or her own home, even with respect to their landlord. This right to privacy from the landlord is protected under the notice of entry requirements of the Residential Tenancies Act. Landlords must also respect your privacy by refraining from asking certain types of questions. Examples can be found here.

Written Contract Outlining the Rental Agreement (Lease)

Every tenant has the right to a written contract outlining the rental agreement between the landlord and themselves. This contract is called a lease and it should outline the expectations that you and your landlord have of each other.

See Your Lease to find out more.

Boarding Houses

A boarding house is an accommodation where you only rent a room in a building and the common areas are shared. This could either be a room in someone else's house or a house full of boarders who are only responsible for their own rooms and sign separate contracts.

The Residential Tenancies Act

Full document can be found here.

The residential tenancies act applies even if you do not sign a lease but does not apply to students living in residence.

Rooming and boarding houses do not include accommodations where the tenant shares a bathroom or kitchen with the landlord, those occupied for a temporary period of less than 90 days, and those provided to students living in residence without self-contained bathrooms and kitchens.

Procedural Recourse Should Your Landlord Not Meet Their Obligations

The Residential Tenancies Act allows for procedural recourse for both the tenant and the landlord should the other not meet their obligations. Procedural recourse means having a clearly defined way to have your problems heard and addressed. This recourse is through the Office of the Rentalsman.

Contact them at:

P.O. Box 1998
City Centre
432 Queen Street
E3B 1B6

Phone: (506)-453-2557 (collect calls accepted)

Fax: (506)-457-7289