Getting to Know the Community

It is important for anyone moving to a new place to get to know the community that they are becoming a member of. This includes not only being able to find your way around but also meeting your neighbours and getting involved in community activities.

Map of Fredericton

  Click to Enlarge! Map of the City of Fredericton and it's neighbourhoods.

Meeting Your Neighbours

Having a good relationship with your neighbours is incredibly important. If you have a good relationship with your neighbours they will be much more likely to help you with things like watching your house while you're gone. If your neighbours have any concerns they will bring them to you rather than your landlord or the police.

You could meet your neighbours by just knocking on their door and saying 'hello.' This can be hard to do at times, but baking something like cookies and bringing them to your neighbours' door makes a great icebreaker.

Things to Do in Fredericton

(Also check out Fredericton Tourism)

  • Fredericton Farmer's Market
    Located on George St. just below campus, the Farmer's Market is a 10-minute walk to a Saturday morning adventure.

  • Walking Trails
    Fredericton has over 80km of walking trails. For more information, visit their website!

  • Parks
    There are quite a few parks within Fredericton.
    • Odell Park
    • Morrell Park
    • UNB Woodlot
    • Officer's Square
    • Queen's Square
    • The Green
    • Carleton Park (on the North Side)

  • Volunteer Opportunities
    Volunteering is a great way to give back to the community and get to know new people. There are many non-profit organizations in Fredericton who could use volunteers.

    UNB Career Development & Employment Services has a volunteer opportunities section on their jobs database.

    Visit Volunteer Greater Fredericton for other great opportunities!

For information on services available in Fredericton, please visit the Fredericton Community Services Database.