Cost and Distance

Other things that you should consider when selecting a place to live are the cost of the accommodation and the distance to important destinations.


The cost of the apartment is more than just rent. Things that you will have to consider in the cost of the accommodation are:

  • Rent
  • Utilities (some utilities may be included in rent are heat, electricity, water, cable, and internet)
  • Amenities
    (some amenities may be included in rent are air conditioning, gym, pool, laundry machines, and a dishwasher)

Make sure to take all of these things into consideration when selecting a place. A place that rents for $300/month with nothing included could cost you more than a place that rents for $400/month with electricity, heat, cable, and internet included. Pay extra attention to the cost of heat if you are renting a house, especially if it is old. You can ask to see recent power and heating bills in order to get an estimated price.

If you will only be living in Fredericton for 8 months there is an obvious benefit to getting an 8-month lease. You would spend the same amount on a 12-month lease for $400/month as an 8-month lease for $600/month. You could sublet the other 4 months of your 12-month lease but there is very little demand for summer sublets and some landlords may not allow it. 12-month leases also give you the advantage of being able to leave your stuff in your apartment over the summer; this will probably make your next move much easier.


If you don't have a car, the distance from where you live and the places you need to go to frequently is one of the most important qualities in a place to live. The cost of rent goes up the closer you get to the University. When considering places be sure to consider the transportation options available in Fredericton (public transportation, walking, biking, and taxis).