Student Conduct

The University of New Brunswick is a community committed to providing a positive learning and working environment. All members of our community, including students, faculty and staff, have rights and corresponding responsibilities that form the foundation for a positive environment.

The university expects that students will abide by university regulations and make responsible decisions to self-manage behaviour. The university has steps that it can take to sanction behaviour that violates university rules and regulations. This can also apply to some situations off-campus such as activities associated with clubs and societies that affiliated with UNB. For a full reading of non-academic university regulations and policies, please visit the links to the right.

Students who have been charged under the University General Regulations on Conduct or the Student Disciplinary Code may wish to contact Wilfred Langmaid, Student Advocate, for information and support. Visit the Advocacy tab to the right for more details.

Students living off-campus, or contemplating living off-campus, are encouraged to read the Handbook for Off-Campus Living.  The handbook details the rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords and even details how to throw a party without inviting the police.