Applying for a US Visa

Most travelers to the United States must obtain a visitor’s visa.  If you plan to visit the U.S. for a holiday, or if you have a flight that stops in the U.S., you must apply for a visitor’s visa.   In order to obtain a visitor’s visa for the United States you must:

  • Arrange appointment
  • Complete application
  • Photos: Ensure you are able to upload a recent passport size photo measuring 2 inches  by 2 inches, on a white background. If not, you will be required to bring a recent passport photo with you to the interview
  • Gather supporting documents 
  • Arrange a payment
  • Travel to a US Consulate or Embassy for an appointment.

The closest US Consulate to Fredericton is in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Step 1:

Make an appointment by logging in HERE

Please note:  Payment must be made before you request an appointment.

Print copy of your appointment confirmation.

Note: Location: Halifax, Canada

Step 2:

Obtain a letter to confirm your student status. Graduate students contact the School of Graduate Studies for a letter to confirm your student status as well as your expected graduation date.  Undergraduate students contact the UNB Registrar's Office to request a letter to confirm your status at UNB and expected graduation date. Please note, if you are emailing the Registrar's Office you must do this from your UNB email account and include: your full name, and student number. 

Step 3:

Order an official transcript contact the Registrar’s Office

Step 4:

Travel to Halifax with your application, supporting documents and payment slips for your appointment at the US Consulate.

US Consulate
Suite 904 Purdy’s Wharf
Tower II, 1969 Upper Water Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Please note: Your passport and visa will be sent to you via DHL.  The closest DHL office is in Moncton.  Please check here for instructions on how to have your documents sent to you in Fredericton.


  • U.S. Embassy Information Line:  1-888-840-0032 from either the U.S. or Canada - you will be asked to provide your credit card number. CA$1.59/minute
  • You should start the application process a few months before your travel date.
  • Specific times of the year (prior to Thanksgiving, religious holidays, New Year’s celebrations, etc.) are especially busy and you may have to wait several weeks for an appointment.
  • Bus Schedule & Cost Maritime Bus 506-455-2049
  • Affordable Accommodation in Halifax: 
    • Heritage House Hostel, Open all year. Close to bus and train station.  1253 Barrington St, Halifax, 902-422-3863
    • Dalhousie University 1-888-271-9222
    • St. Mary’s University 1-888-347-555