Money Matters

money matters

Calculate Your Academic Costs: UNB Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Text Books: Average text book: $150. Average text book cost for a student taking 5 courses: $500-$900 per term

Calculate Your UNB Residence Fees: UNB Residence Fees

Calculate Your Living Expenses: Average living cost per month (off-campus, one person, room with shared facilities): $900 to $1200

Accommodation (Rent)

Room with shared kitchen facilities: $400-575/month
1 bedroom apartment with kitchen facilities: $675-800/month
2 bedroom apartment: $900-1250/month

Transportation in Fredericton

City Bus: $2.75 (Per trip)
City Bus: $55/Month (Student Rate)
Taxis: $7.00 (Varies by distance)


Groceries: $400-550/month
Fast Food: $12/meal
Restaurant: $30-45/meal


Jeans: $50-140 each
T-Shirts: $20-80 each 
Shirts: $30-80 each
Winter coat: $80-200
Winter boots: $80-150


Cell phone: $40-100/month
Landline: $45-50/month
Internet: $50-60/month
Cable: $50-100/month


Paying Your Fees

To confirm your admission to UNB, and to register for a room in a UNB residence, you will need to submit a deposit (check admissions letter for deposit amounts).

International students at UNB can now make their tuition and residence payments online.

**The university and all banks are closed for some holidays in September (Labour Day) and December (Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year's Day), if you are arriving during these months check holiday times and be sure to bring enough money with you to cover your food/accommodation/transportation expenses for these days.

Working Part-Time While You Study

A number of international students work on-campus and off-campus (in Fredericton) while they complete their degree. You are not legally permitted to work more than 20 hours/week and students who are studying full-time find that they only have time to work 10hrs/week.

On-Campus Jobs

Jobs on-campus are not always easy to find and are usually not high paying. Minimum wage is $11.50/hour.  Most international students work in the campus meal hall or for the campus police. On-campus jobs are hard to find, if you manage to get a job you may be able to make enough to cover your rent (approximately $400/month).

Off-Campus Jobs

To work off-campus you must have a special work permit. You can only apply for this work permit once you have been studying full-time at the university for at least six months. If you arrive in September and study full-time you are eligible to apply for a work permit the following March. Again, jobs are not always easy to find and students usually don’t earn more than $400/month.