International Student Orientation 

All international students are strongly encouraged to attend Winter 2018 International Student Orientation Day.  Not only are the events of this day fun and a great way to meet new people, but the information and connections you make throughout Orientation are essential for academic success! Please note: the deadline to register for International Student Orientation Day is December 31, 2018.

Already registered? Start the process of obtaining your UNB UCard so that it will be ready for you when you arrive on campus. 


International Student Orientation Events


January 6

Residence administration building opens and residence check-in begins. 

12:00 pm; 20 Bailey Drive (UNB campus)

January 7

First day of classes

January 7

On-campus English Language Assessment for those students who require.  Check your Letter of Admissions to see if this pertains to you.

9:30 am; Room 112, Marshall d'Avery Hall (10 MacKay Drive). Please bring $150 in cash and two photo IDs

January 12

International Student Orientation Day!

9:00 am start

Location: Student Union Building, 21 Pacey Drive


9:00 - Registration / doors open 

9:30 - Pancake breakfast / introduction to ISAO team, Student Services team and other UNB students!

11:00 - ISAO healthcare info sessions / free time until 1:00

1:00 - Bus tour and winter clothing shopping trip

Evening - Social event (to be announced)

For information on temporary accommodations check HERE 

Student Services - Frequently Asked Questions

The University of New Brunswick is home to over 1000 international students. International students face unique challenges as they transition to life as a student in a new country.  We have drafted some freqently asked questions and answers that we feel would be helpful to you as a first year student! These are just some of UNB’s student services, so for more information be sure to visit the International Student Advisor’s Office in the CC Jones Building or contact us at or (506) 453-4860.

STUDENT HEALTH CENTRE – 3rd Floor, CC Jones Building, 26 Bailey Drive

 Q.) Where would you go if you were sick?

 For Any non-urgent concerns regarding your health and well-being, go to the Student Health Centre.  If your concerns are urgent/severe (chest pain, difficulty breathing, uncontrolled bleeding, severe burn) please visit the local hospital emergency department.  If you are unsure, call 811 to speak with a Registered Nurse who can help assess your medical needs.

 Q.) How do I make an appointment at the Student Health Centre?

 Call 453-4837 to make an appointment or visit the Student Health Centre in person.  You can book an appointment for the same day-but come early-doors open at 8:15am.  If appointments for the day are filled, you can get a next-day appointment.

 Q.) What do I need to bring to EVERY appointment at the Student Health Centre?

 Your valid Student ID and a valid health insurance card (Blue Cross, Global, Great West Life, etc.)

 Q.) What if I am sick and Student Health Centre is closed?

 If you have a non-urgent concern but can’t wait until the Student Health Centre is open, please contact an After-Hours Clinic. There are several After Hours Clinics in Fredericton that you can find on Google or you can call 811 to speak with a Registered Nurse who can help assess your needs/condition.

 Q.) Are there Doctors and Nurses at the Student Health Centre?

 Yes, we have an excellent health care team at Student Health Centre. There are 5 doctors, a Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses and a Registered Dietician.  We also have two Specialist Physicians who work out of our clinic at least one day per month, an Orthopedic Specialist and a Psychiatrist.

 Q.) What if I have an appointment at Student Health but cannot go?

 If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, please email by 8:15 am for a morning appointment and by 12pm for all afternoon appointments.  There is a $50 charge for any missed appointments.

 Q.) What is the best way to prevent the flu virus from making me sick?

 Get your flu vaccine. This is available at the Student Health Centre at the end of October each year and costs $15.00. Washing your hands is also another easy way to prevent getting sick with the flu.

CAREER DEVELOPMENT & EMPLOYMENT CENTRE – Neville Homestead, 58 Mackay Drive

 Q.) Where can I see what types of jobs are available on and off campus?

 Career Development & Employment (CDEC) website has a Student Job Bank and job posts on campus employment through the Work Study Program.

 Q.) Are there any opportunities for paid employment on campus?

 The Work Study Program which allows you to work 10 hours per week, as well as various other places on campus such as Campus Recreation, Library, bookstore, Sodexho, etc.  For a complete list, please visit the CDEC Website.

 Q.) Is the resume that I had before I began my studies at UNB still valid? If not, what options are there to update my resume?

 You should update your resume and it should be targeted to the position you are applying for. Attend a Resume and Cover Letter workshop, have a one-on-one appointment with an advisor and set-up an account through Optimal Resume.

 Q.) I am interested in finding out about employers who hire UNB Graduates and what they are looking for in an employee.  How can I find out this information?

 Career Development and Employment Centre hosts three career fairs throughout the year. If you are unable to participate in our career fairs you may want to book an Employer Information Session which can be scheduled any time throughout the year.

 Q.) Where can I find Information on what I can do with my degree/major?

 UNB Career Connections are here to help. Planning your career takes time, but the rewards are great. By basing your plans on what you like to do and what matters to you, you'll greatly improve your chances of finding the career you want.

FINANCIAL AID – 1st  Floor, CC Jones Building, 26 Bailey Drive

 Q.) What Does the Financial Aid Office do in general for UNB Students?

 The Financial Aid office provides financial advice, support and advocacy.

 Q.) What supports and services are available to international students and exchange students?

 Unfortunately, exchange students have no services and no access to funding, however international Graduate Students have access to the Graduate Student Bursary and Undergraduate Students can access the Work Study Program. 

 Q.) What is the difference between Financial Services and Financial Aid?

 Financial Services house all student accounts and receive payments from students, mostly for tuition and fees.  Financial Aid office provides help through funding.  

 Q.)  What is the difference between a bursary and a scholarship?

 A bursary is awarded based on need, regardless of GPA; a scholarship is awarded based on merit.

 Q.) What is the difference between work-study and part-time employment?

 Work-Study is a subsidized work program designed to assist financially needy students with the high costs associated with post-secondary study. The program will also provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable skills/experience in an on-campus, part-time employment situation. Work-Study positions are 10 hours per week. Students who pay full-time tuition are eligible.

 Q.) Does the Financial Aid Office offer Financial Planning Workshops?

 Yes, through the Student Success Workshops.  Visit go.unb.studentsuccess for more

 Q.) How do I contact the Financial Aid Office?

 Visit the main reception desk at the CC Jones Building on Campus or call 453-4527 to schedule an appointment.  Please note that appointments are necessary.

COUNSELLING SERVICES – 2nd Floor, CC Jones Building, 26 Bailey Drive

 Q.) What Services are offered at Counselling services?

 We offer a number of services to help you with personal problems that may be getting in the way of your academic success. These include individual therapy, group, workshops, seminars and psycho-education. We also provide couples counselling to students who are married or in a committed long-term relationship. All of our services are offered by trained professionals and are confidential.

 Q.) How long are appointments?

 Your first appointment will be 30 minutes for an initial consult to give you and a counsellor an opportunity to discuss your current situation and options for help.  Following appointments range from 15 minutes to 1 hour depending on needs.  

 Q.) Does it cost anything to access counselling services?

 No-there is no cost.  We serve part-time and full-time undergraduate and graduate students at both the University of New Brunswick and St. Thomas University.

 Q.) What types of issues or problems can you help with?

 We offer help for a wide range of problems including anxiety, depression, grief, relationship difficulties, stress and more.

 Q.) How do I make an appointment?

 You can make an appointment by calling 453-4820 or walk in to make an appointment in person. We are open Monday to Friday from 8:15 AM to 4:30PM

 Q.) What can I do if I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

 Feeling some amount of stress is normal in University and there are helpful things you can do to manage it. These include getting good sleep, eating healthy, getting regular exercise, socializing and managing your time effectively. If you find that you are having difficulty developing these healthy coping strategies, we are happy to help!

 Q.) What can I do if I have a crisis?

 If you have a personal emergency and need someone to talk to, you can come see one of our counsellors who will help guide you through it.  If you have an emergency that requires urgent help, you can call UNB Security at 453-4830 or go to emergency room at the hospital. You can also call CHIMO Crisis line at 1-800-667-5005.

UNB CAMPUS SECURITY – Campus Operations Building, 767 Kings College Rd.

 Q.) Where are Emergency Phones located on the UNB Campus?

ITC (Head Hall) Parking lot off Windsor Street

Lady Dunn Parking Lot across from Jones House

STU Walk-way from the SUB

Marshall D’Avray Hall by Chapman Field

Aitken Center Parking Lot between Wu Centre and South Gym

Lady Beaverbrook Gym near front entrance

Bank and Bookstore

 Q.) Can you call UNB Security for FREE from a Payphone?

 Yes. Just look for the Yellow Sticker.

 Q.) Who do you call if you are locked out of your room?

 Call Security at 453-4830 if locked out

 For more serious and/or threatening situations contact the city police at 460-2300 or 911

 Q.) Where can you get First Aid?

 From Security, your Proctor or Don or from designated persons in your faculty.

 Q.) Who do you call if you would like an Escort at night?

 Call Security and they will arrange for Student Campus Patrol (one male, one female) to escort you home.

 Q.) What Security-related group can I get employment with?

 Student Campus Patrol is comprised entirely of, and administered by, UNB students. Under the oversight of UNB Security, the Campus Patrol provides an exceptional employment opportunity to students of UNB Fredericton.

 Q.) Do you need a Parking Pass to park on campus?

 Yes. All vehicles on campus must be registered; this includes students, staff, faculty and visitors. Passes are available for purchase from 8am to 3:30 pm Monday to Friday (excluding statutory holidays). Day passes can be purchased at the security office for $4.00 (day).  Monthly and yearly passes are also available from the Security office.

 Q.) Does Security have cameras on campus?

 Yes. There is an extensive system both inside and outside many buildings on campus.

STUDENT ACCESSIBILITY CENTRE – Marshall D’avery Hall, 10 Mackay Drive

 Q.)   Who can register with the Student Accessibility Centre (SAC)?

 Students with a medical or psychological condition and documentation.      

 Q.) Can I register with SAC if I require extra time on tests/exams because English is not my first language?


 Q.)  What conditions or disabilities does the Student Accessibility Centre Serve?

 Physical, Mental, Sensory, Learning, chronic Health, temporary disabilities and ADHD.

 Q.)  What types of documentation should I provide if I do have a disability?

 Medical documentation that states condition, functional limitations that are caused by the disability and recommended accommodations.

 Q.)  Who will have access to my information if I register with the Centre?

 Only the Student Accessibility Centre staff.

 Q.)  When can I register at SAC?

  Up to 2 weeks prior to the last day of classes in any term/semester.

STUDENT ADVOCATE – 1st Floor, CC Jones Building, 26 Bailey Drive

 Q.)   If I am going to miss a class when there is a test, exam or report due, or I am going to miss classes for a few days, what should I do?

 The first thing you should do is consult with your professor. Most class absences can be worked out directly between the student and the professor.  If the situation is an emergency or you will be absent for a long time, you should contact the Student Advocate by email at and ask him to provide a “Request for Consideration Form”.  You will need to provide documentation to support your absence if this is not the case.

 Q.)   If I am concerned about what courses I should be taking, what should I do?

 You should consult with your Faculty Academic Advisor or Dean’s office.

 Q.)   If I feel that a grade I have received is not fair, what should I do?

 The first thing you should do is consult with your professor. If you still feel that the grade is unfair after speaking with your professor, you should contact the Student Advocate for help with the “grade review” process.

 Q.) If I have received a final grade or series of final grades that are low because of things going on in my life that were beyond my control, what should I do?

 You should contact the Student Advocate for help with the “Academic Appeal” process.

 Q.) If I have been charged with an Academic offence such a plagiarism or cheating, what  should I do?

 You should contact the Student Advocate to help with the formal statement you will need to write in response to this charge.

WRITING CENTRE – Basement Floor, CC Jones Building, 26 Bailey Drive

 Q.)  What is the hourly charge for consultations with the Writing Centre?

 There is no charge for consultations with the Writing Centre—or rather, you’ve already paid for them!

 Q.)   When can I drop off my paper at the Writing Centre for editing?

 You cannot drop off your paper: we will not work with your paper but with YOU, and indeed, any improvements in your paper will be made by you.

 Q.)   How many appointments with the Writing Centre can I book per term?

 There is no set limit, though you can book only one appointment at a time.

 Q.) Do I have to cite material I copied from Wikipedia?

 First, you must indicate any actual quotation you make by using quotation marks (or other conventional means); secondly, you must acknowledge all sources other than “common knowledge”—and if Wikipedia were common knowledge, no one would consult it!