Humans of ISAO

The University of New Brunswick is home to humans from more than 100 countries. Each year, international students from around the world arrive on our Fredericton campus, bringing with them stories and cultural experiences from their home countries to share with us.

Our stories

'Humans of ISAO' is a project aimed at showcasing our international community and the diversity that our students bring. Visit the International Student Advisor's Office (ISAO) Facebook page to read more of our student stories and find out about how our office can support you.

HISAO-Raven-Lee-Mills HISAO-Marcel-Pefang HISAO-Disha-Bisto

"I love stories. Everyone has their own story about their past, thier culture, and I just love getting to know people that way."

Raven Lee-Mills, Software Engineering

"There are many different tribes in Cameroon. As for me, I'm from the Western part and we are known as the Bamileka people."

Marcel Pefang, Kinesiology

"My first home is the beautiful island called Mauritius. If you don't know it, you should totally google it right now!"

Disha Bisto, Chemical Engineering

HISAO-Maria-Hernandez HISAO-Damilare HISAO-Maria-Nazareth

"I have two passions, fashion and the environment. I've always wanted to have my own sustainable fashion line."

Maria Hernandez, Bachelor of Arts

"My project that I've been working on is empowering farmers in Nigeria with an online store to sell their farm produce."

Damilare Oriyomi Odumosu, MTME

"In Brazil, we can have two first names. I'm known for Nazareth, this name came from my grandma."

Maria Nazareth Araujo, Media Arts & Culture

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