Eligibility for ISAO Emergency Bursary:

  • Recipients must be currently registered international students at University of New Brunswick.
  • Must submit a complete application, letter and applicable supporting documents.
  • These bursaries are intended for an unforseen combination of circumstances that call for emergency action.
  • These bursaries are not intended as long term income supplements, tuition payments or book subsidies.
  • Applicants may only apply on their own behalf.
  • No more than one emergency bursary will be awarded to any student within a 12-month period
  • Applications are considered based on immediacy and nature of situation (i.e. situation must fit the definition of emergency as detailed above), clarity and completeness of application, amount requested and funds available.

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Required/supporting documents:

  • A letter describing your situation must be included with the application form. If your typical expenses are more than your income, please provide an explanation in the letter. Explain the specific emergency, what actions are being taken to help prevent it from becoming an ongoing issue, and how an ISAO Emergency Bursary would help.
  • When submitting an application it is highly recommended that you bring as much documentation as possible to support your projected monthly expenses and income (i.e. grocery receipts, rent receipts, etc.).  Failure to provide proper documentation may result in denial of an emergency bursary.

How to apply:

Please complete the Emergency Bursary Application Form. Please note the application form must be typed not hand written. If certain information is unknown or not applicable, please indicate that in the space provided. Incomplete forms will not be considered. The Emergency Bursary Committee reserves the right to confirm any information provided on the application with the appropriate sources if necessary.

Submit completed application form, letter and applicable supporting documentation by email at or in person at the front desk of CC Jones Student Service Centre.

After you apply:

All eligible applications are considered confidentially by the Emergency Bursary Committee. The Committee meets and makes decisions on applications every Monday, so to ensure that your application is considered, please submit by no later than 2:00 Monday afternoon, otherwise it will be considered at the following week's meeting. Following the review of your application, you will be contacted by email regarding the committee’s decision.

Due to the high level of confidentiality, the number of applications and the strict procedural guidelines, requests by phone or otherwise for information on the status of a bursary prior to your being contacted by ISAO will not be accepted. You will be notified of the status of the application immediately following a decision being made.

Special Notes:

If chosen to receive a bursary, you must pick up your own cheque at UNB's Financial Services Office.  If this is impossible due to accessibility concerns, other arrangements can be made through contacting

Not all applications will be approved. Granted awards may differ from the requested amount and do not typically exceed more than $500 annually. Emergency Bursary cheques are valid until the end of the next full business week following their issue. Decisions of the Emergency Bursary Committee are final.


If you have questions or concerns about the ISAO Emergency Bursary contact us at or 453-4860.