Sick & Medical Notes

two nursesContact your professor to notify of absence first.  Most will not require a medical note, particularly if you were not seen by medical persons during your absence.

UNB Wide Academic Regulations - Attendance

"It is expected that most problems caused by a student's absence from class, including absence from mid-term tests, can be resolved with the instructor concerned.  If through sickness or other unavoidable cause, a student is absent from classes, the student must advise the instructors immediately upon return to classes.  The instructor may request suitable documentation if such confirmation is considered necessary.  Health certificates will be accepted for consideration only from the health care professional who attended the student during the period of absence." 

In accordance with this regulation we will consider any request for documentation of absence or illness once a student has spoken with their instructor first.  We cannot provide documentation of absence or illness for students who were not seen at the Student Health Centre during the period of absence or illness.

For those circumstances where medical consideration may impact a students' academic performance the UNB Student Advocate, Wilfred Langmaid or STU Academic Support may be very helpful to you.