Internal Bursary and Scholarship Resources

Undergraduate Bursaries

UNB Special Bursary Program

Undergraduate students who meet the eligibility criteria listed for the academic year MAY be eligible for a UNB Special Bursary (maximum award $1,000.00).

Student Abroad Bursary Program

Student Abroad Bursaries, valued up to $1,500, may be available to full-time students completing an international student abroad program as part of their degree requirement at the University of New Brunswick (Fredericton Campus). The award  will be contingent on the students’ registration and completion of the student abroad program.

Great Computer Give-Away Program

The UNBF Student Union has received reconditioned computers (speeds 2.4 GHz or greater, Windows 2000 or XP installed) from UNB’s IT Department to be given away. Please read rules and regulations below to determine program eligibility for the Great Computer Give-Away Program.
Due to the limited number of available “reconditioned” computers, program eligibility will not guarantee award.

Graduate Bursaries

Graduate Student Bursary Program

Graduate students (Masters/PhD) who are registered full-time at UNBF during the academic year MAY be eligible for a Graduate Bursary (maximum award $500.00).  Graduate Bursary Program resources are very limited.  Please ensure all documentation has been supplied to properly assess your application incomplete applications cannot be reviewed.