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Bursaries, Computer Give-away and Employment (Work-Study) Programs

UNB needs-based bursary program provides funds to help students in financial need and are typically intended to supplement other funding sources. Bursaries won't make up a major part of your funding, but they can fill in the gaps.




UNB Travel Study Bursary Faculty of Arts

Through the generosity of the University of new Brunswick, Travel Study Bursaries valued at $1,000.00, have been established to enable full-time students with limited financial resources participate in the UNB Travel Study Programs.


January 13th


February 1st

Kent Travel Award for Study in Rome

Through the generosity of the late Bill Lewis, the University of New Brunswick has established the Kent Travel Award for Study in Rome .  This award is valued at $4,350.00, which will cover the full program fee to enable an excellent student of limited financial means to participate in the UNB Travel Study Program in Rome between May 21st and June 9th, 2018.  The recipient of the award will only have to paid airfare to Rome and bring some spending money.

January 9th

End of January

Dr. Florence T. Snodgrass Bursary for New Brunswick Students

Needs-based undergraduate bursary valued up to $2,000.00.  Available to full-time students on the Fredericton campus of UNB with demonstrated financial need and academic achievement of 2.0 GPA or higher.  Eligible candidates must be NB residents according to the definition established by NB Student Financial Services.

December 5th

Winter Term (February)

UNB Special Bursary

Needs-based undergraduate bursary valued up to $1,000.00.  Available to Canadian, Landed, Permanent Resident (domestic students) full-time UNB students with demonstrated financial need.

November 15th

Winter Term (February)

Student Abroad Bursary

Bursaries valued up to $1,500, may be available to full-time students completing an international student abroad program as part of their degree requirements at the University of New Brunswick.



Great Computer Give-Away

Undergraduate full-time student "draw' during the fall term for reconditioned computers.

September Within 2 weeks of submission

 Graduate Student Bursary

Needs-based graduate student bursary valued up to $500. 



 Work-Study Program

  FALL             WINTER

Work-Study is a subsidized work program designed to assist financially needy full-time students with the high costs associated with post-secondary study.  The program will also provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable skills/experience within an on-campus part-time employment situation.


1st term


2nd term


1st term


2nd term

How is the amount of the bursary award determined?

Numerous factors affect the amount of the bursary for a particular student.  Bursary maximums, annual budget, the number of applicants, and the relative size of University-determined shortfalls are major factors. Financial need is determined by comparing your resources with your expenses.