Work-Study Student Information

Work-Study is a subsidized work program designed to assist financially needy students with the high  costs associated with post-secondary study. The program will also provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable skills/experience in an on-campus, part-time employment situation. 

Work-Study positions are 10 hours per week, $13.00 per hour + vacation & holiday pay = $14.04 per hour.  Due to the limited number of available positions, program eligibility will not guarantee employment. 

Eligibility is restricted to full-time UNB undergraduate and graduate students with demonstrated financial need. Students must also be in good academic standing (GPA of 2.0 and over from the most  recent assessment year) to be eligible for program consideration. 

Eligible candidates are full-time students (registered in three or more classes) attending UNB, who have met the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 and are not on academic probation.  Normally, students completing an off-campus study, participating in an internship, a co-op work term, writing their theses from home or working in a practicum, are not eligible; however, for Fall 2020 Term only, students studying off-campus through alternative delivery methods but resident within New Brunswick are also eligible for Work-Study opportunities that can be performed remotely. 

Eligible candidates are Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants or International students (exchange students are not eligible) with legal ability to work in Canada. 

  • Please Note:  According to the Employment of Graduate Students Guidelines, graduate students in either a thesis-based or course-based program studying full-time may engage in additional employment for up to 520 hours annually, which translates to an average of 10-hours per week across the year.  There is no restriction on work hours for part-time students.  Generally, graduate students in a course-based program taking three or more courses are considered full-time. 

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