UNB Summer Employment Program

Program Objective

The UNB Summer Employment Program is a project funded by the New Brunswick Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.  The intention of this program is to provide students with employment related to their skills and education.  Approved jobs aim to enhance the students' employment prospects upon completion of their studies, while enabling them to finance the continuation of their education.

Program Description & Job Requirements

The program is designed to assist undergraduate students from under-represented groups (aboriginals, persons with disabilities, low-income earners, first generation post-secondary learners, young females and youth from rural communities) with the high costs associated with post-secondary education.

Each project submitted must provide a student employee with:

  • Adequate (daily) supervision, direction, and feedback from a supervisor.
  • A detailed job description with clearly defined tasks, objectives, and goals.
  • We suggest that projects offer a developmental position; one that allows a candidate to build new skills, acquire new knowledge, or enhance existing knowledge and skills (eg. employment related skills, lab techniques, research experience, or professional/office experience, etc.), rather than a position requiring student candidates to come to a department already possessing advanced skills.
  • A schedule that follows the dates listed in the Important Dates section.
  • Positions must not violate any union or collective bargaining regulations.

We do not approve proposals that will likely not be completed during the time frame granted.

We do not permit requests for a particular GPA or for the candidate to have ‘attained a grade of X’ in a particular course. You may, however, ask for a student who has ‘successfully completed’ a particular course, if it is directly related to your job description. Should you wish to review the academic background of an interviewed applicant in order to satisfy one of the constraints of your job description, you will need the student’s signed permission. The goal of UNB Work-Study positions is to assist students in demonstrated financial need, rather than reward students who achieve academic excellence.

All Summer Employment projects are posted as "open competitions". This means any eligible, qualified candidate can apply to a posted position and they will have an equal chance of being considered. You may not pre-select a candidate before the interview nor give any candidate the impression that he or she can have the position before the application and interview process. In addition, you may not interview any candidates until you receive the formal package of resumes.

Eligible Student Candidates

Eligible candidates are full-time undergraduate students (registered in three or more classes) attending UNB, who have met the minimum GPA requirement of 2.0 and are not on academic probation. (Students who will be off-campus, for example, participating in an internship, a co-op work term, writing their thesis from home or working in a practicum are not eligible.)

Eligible candidates are Canadian Citizens, Landed Immigrants or International students (exchange students are not eligible), returning to full-time UNB studies in the fall of 2018.

Students must complete a Financial Assessment interview with Financial Aid Office. The assessment reviews resources and expenses to determine need.

Program Objectives:

  • To increase the retention of under-represented students at the University of New Brunswick through on-campus summer employment opportunities.
  • To increase the employability of under-represented students upon graduation through career-related summer employment opportunities.
  • Increase life skills of students through Financial Literacy Training.


Provide Career Development Workshops to assist students with options and directions, training for their chosen career-path.

After being deemed eligible, student candidates may review the Summer Employment positions and bring their cover letters and resumes to Student Employment Service; students can apply for as many as eight positions. NOTE: Resumes may not be collected at your office.

Cost to Faculty, Staff, or Department

UNB Summer Employment Program positions are 36.25 hours per week for 12 weeks. Students will be paid $13.00per hour plus vacation, holiday pay = $14.04 per hour. Project holders will be calculated as:

12 weeks x 36.25 hours per week x $5.40/hour = $2,349.00

This program will be administered by the Career Development and Employment Centre and Financial aid, the objectives are:

  • To help students with demonstrated financial need
  • To provide students with career-related job experiences
  • To provide students with career guidance and employment readiness skills and financial planning through: Mandatory Resume and Cover Letter Writing Workshops, and the Career Development Certificate Program, and budgeting workshop.
  • To provide UNB departments, faculty, and staff with student employees at subsidized labour costs.

Deadline to Apply for Funding: Thursday, February 15, 2018 at 4 PM

Important Dates and Proposal Application Form

Important Dates

Proposal Application Form