Writing Courses @ UNB

UNB offers many courses to develop students ability to write. The UNB English department has many undergraduate courses related to writing, including

  • ENGL 1103 Fundamentals of Clear Writing
  • ENGL 1144 Reading and Writing Non-Fiction Prose

Their descriptions are available in the calendar: English courses.

Both courses are suitable for students from a wide range of faculties who are working to improve their writing; Arts students typically take ENGL 1000 (Introduction to Modern Literature in English). Other courses are available for those with special writing interests:

  • ENGL 2195 Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry and Drama
  • ENGL 2196 Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction and Screenwriting
  • ENGL 3123 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • ENGL 3124 Creative Writing: Short Fiction
  • ENGL 3183 Screenwriting and Writing for the New Media

Engineering students must take ENGG 1013 Design and Communication as part of their programme.

Students studying for the First Nations Business Certificate can take ENGL 1104 Fundamentals of Effective Writing.

Business students must take ADM 2165 and ADM 2166 Business Communications I & II in the second year of their programme.

The English Language Programme offers custom-designed tutorials on any number of ESL topics, including writing.

The Maritime Writers' Workshop is a one-week intensive summer school for those who wish to learn how to write creatively.