How Do I Choose a Tutor?

Here are some tips to make sure you are getting what you need: two girls having a conversation

Before contacting anyone, do your research. Ask around for recommendations or talk to your professor.

Look for a tutor with good communication skills

When you have selected one or two prospective tutors, contact them, use the email provided in the inventory. Ask them questions in your initial communications:

  • Are you available to take on a student for [your time commitment (weekly for the semester, once or twice before a test/an exam, etc.)]?
  • If unknown: What program are you in and what is your major?
  • What is your style or approach to tutoring?
  • How do you structure your tutoring sessions?
  • How long have you been tutoring?
  • When are you available to meet?

Think about what you want to get about of your sessions and communicate those goals with your prospective tutor. Ask your tutor if they are able to fulfill them.

Meet with your prospective tutor(s) to see if the relationship will work.

Once you have decided to hire the tutor, make sure they following are clearly communicated (beforehand or during the first meeting):

  • Cost
  • Meeting Time
  • Location

Be specific about the location, this ensures you can find each other.

Make sure location is public for your safety, but not full of distractions.



Although UNB provides a tutor orientation and suggestions to tutors and students, UNB does not provide any guarantee as to the quality of services or any academic outcomes.

Tutors are not employees or agents of the University of New Brunswick.  The relationship is solely between the tutor and student.  All legal responsibilities for the relationship such as for tax reporting, obtaining payments and other legal requirements are the sole responsibility of the tutor and student.