The Faculty of Science believes academic advising is the foundation to our students’ success. Whether you are a prospective, newly admitted, current, or transfer student the Faculty of Science academic advisors are here as your valuable resource to guide you through your undergraduate journey.

  • All first-year students are required to meet with an academic advisor to discuss course options, career paths, and the transition to first year. We provide individual advising during SOAR (Spring Orientation, Advising, and Registration days). For students who do not attend SOAR, they are required to contact Angela Regier, Student Services Coordinator at or phone 453-4586. Angela will schedule in-person and telephone advising appointments with one of our Assistant Deans. Due to the high volume of requests in the summer months, patience is appreciated as we work around research, conferences, and vacation schedules.
  • Each January first year students begin the process of selecting their major or honours program. This process involves an advising workshop, department open houses, and exploratory advising meetings. Once students have selected their program they are required to meet with that advisor to complete a program declaration form and select courses for the upcoming year. This advisor will support them through the remainder of the academic journey to ensure that are taking the appropriate program requirements.
  • Upper-year students are to meet with the academic advisor regularly to ensure that the degree is on track with all course requirements are being met. We encourage students to meet with their advisors in the fall and again in winter term for the next year’s course selection. Students graduating the following year need to meet with their advisor for a graduation audit to ensure they are ready to graduate.
  • Transfer students should contact Angela Regier, Student Services Coordinator in order to be connected to the appropriate advisor and to discuss approved transfer credits.


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First-Year Advising

Student Services Coordinator & AdvisorAngela Jefferies Regier

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ChairDion Durnford
Director of Undergraduate StudiesKatherine Barclay
Director of Graduate StudiesShawn MacLellan
Advisor - Students A to Di (last name)Mike Duffy
Advisor - Students Do to Go (last name)Charles Sacobie
Advisor - Students Gr to K (last name)Jason Addison
Advisor - Students L to Q (last name)Stephan Peake
Advisor - Students R to Z (last name)Rene Malenfant
Advisor - Bio-physics & Bio-math StudentsKatherine Barclay

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Biology-Chemistry (Bio-Chem)

Advisor Bio-Chem, PHP - student last name A to DiKatherine Barclay
Advisor Bio-Chem, PHP - student last name Do to GoKelly Miles
Advisor Bio-Chem, PHP - student last name Gr to KCharles Sacobie
Advisor Bio-Chem, PHP - student last name L to TYang Qu
Advisor Bio-Chem, PHP - student last name T to ZGhislain Deslongchamps
Advisor - Bio-Chem Comprehensive Students (all)Ghislain Deslongchamps

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ChairJohn Neville
Director of Undergraduate StudiesValerie Reeves
Director of Graduate StudiesGilles Villemure
Advisor - Chem/Physics StudentJohn Neville
Advisor - Chem/Biology Student Yang Qu
Advisor - Chem/Biology StudentGhislain Deslongchamps

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Earth Sciences

ChairKarl Butler
Advisor & Director of Undergraduate StudiesAudrey Limoges
Director of Graduate StudiesJoe White

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Mathematics & Statistics

ChairSanjeev Seahra
Advisor - Math Minors Mahin Salmani
Advisor - Math MajorsPatrick Reynolds
Advisor - Stats and ActuarialJeff Picka
Director of Graduate StudiesTariqul Hasan
Director of Undergraduate StudiesPatrick Reynolds

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ChairP.T. Jayachandran
Advisor & Director of Undergraduate StudiesBen Newling
Director of Graduate StudiesAbdelhaq Hamza

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