Our advising team in the Faculty of Education is ready to answer all of your questions.  Feel free to call, email, or drop-in. We’re here to help.

Contact our undergraduate office for information on the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Education (School Years)
  • Adult Education
  • First Nations Teacher Education Program
  • Diploma in Advanced Undergraduate Studies
  • Teaching English as a Second Language or Teaching French as a Second Language.

Contact our graduate office for information on the following: Master’s and PhD in Education. Areas of study and research:  Adult Education, Educational Administration and Leadership, Counseling, Exceptional Learners, Critical Studies, Instructional Design and Curriculum Studies.


Comments from our students:

- I felt I was part of the UNB family before I even walked through the door. Every professor I met was willing to help and act as a mentor.
Cindy Farrell, B.Ed. 2013

- Your professionalism, patience, knowledge, experience, and caring nature were all part of the unwavering support I felt from the department throughout my journey.
Dale McIsaac, PhD 2015

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Faculty of Education

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Undergraduate Program Contact

Associate Dean & Advisor - Undergraduate ProgramsKatherine Winslow
Coordinator, B.Ed. & Undergraduate ProgramsKathy Aubin

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Graduate Program Contact

Associate Dean – Graduate ProgramsEllen Rose

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