Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science has a team of advisors to help you with your academic advising questions.  Starting in 2014, we are using a new system to ensure that your e-mail requests reach the most appropriate advisor.

  • For students in the BCS program (including concurrent degree programs), the BISys program, and the Software Development Certificate program, questions related to your courses and your academic program should be sent to  Once an advisor responds to you, then you can converse back and forth directly with that advisor.
  • Software Engineering students should contact the Software Engineering advisor (see below) directly for course advising.
  • Masters and Ph.D. students should work with their graduate program advisor.

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Faculty of Computer Science

DeanLuigi Benedicenti
Assistant Dean - Undergraduate ProgramPaul Cook
Assistant Dean - Research, Graduate Studies, Industry OutreachPatricia Evans
Student Support CoordinatorNatalie Webber

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Undergraduate Course Advising

1st Year BCS StudentsNatalie Webber, Leah Bidlake, Michael Fleming
2nd Year BCS StudentsPrzemyslaw Pochec, Will Hyslop, Gerhard Dueck (Winter Term)
3rd Year BCS StudentsDavid Bremner, Ken Kent
4th Year BCS Students & AbovePaul Cook
Information Systems (BISys) StudentsAndrew McAllister (Fall Term), Rick Wightman (Winter Term)
Software Engineering (BScSwE) StudentsWei Song
Software Engineering (BScSwE) StudentsDawn MacIsaac

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Specialty Advising

Co-op/PEP MattersPaul Cook
Certificate, Transfer, & CS Minor StudentsPaul Cook
Prior Learning (PLA) Students, UNBSJ LiaisonPaul Cook
Graduate StudentsPatricia Evans

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